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Now Playing Through December 11, 2011

Posted November 17, 2011

Alice Ripley, the award-winning actress who sensationally played the shattered matriarch at the heart of the Pulitzer Prize-winner Next to Normal, tests her non-musical chops as a member of the ensemble cast of WILD ANIMALS YOU SHOULD KNOW, MCC's new drama about a homoerotic game of cat-and-mouse enacted at a wilderness scout camp.

"Matthew and Jacob are an unlikely pair of friends," press notes state. "Matthew (Jay Armstrong Johnson) is a soccer star, full of brio and teenage swagger. Jacob (Gideon Glick) is, well, not. Beneath the surface, though, the two are locked in an innocently erotic game of cat and mouse. When Matthew's reluctant father, Walter (Patrick Breen), is wrangled by his wife Marsha (Ripley) into chaperoning the boys' trip to a wilderness scout camp, he finds himself drawn into their adolescent game. But Matthew has secretly decided just how far he's willing to go for his final act of scouting and everyone might do well to heed the scouts' motto: Be Prepared."

Below photos are by Joan Marcus.


Gideon Glick and Jay Armstrong Johnson


Patrick Breen and Alice Ripley


Daniel Stewart Sherman, Gideon Glick, John Behlmann, Patrick Breen, and Jay Armstrong Johnson


John Behlmann, Jay Armstrong Johnson, and Gideon Glick


Alice Ripley


Jay Armstrong Johnson


Jay Armstrong Johnson, John Behlmann, and Gideon Glick


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